Teachings of Freemasonry

My Questions-n-Journey to Answers

In the informational age, people have easy access to what they believe are the teachings of Freemasonry.  They take what they read literally.  However, the description of Freemasonry should cause you to ask if reading a book tells what Freemasonry is truly about.  Well here’s the description: Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols.  One word in this statement should raise a red flag.  The word is veiled.  Some other words for the word veil are concealed, hide, and cover.

So I guess I should tell the secrets that I began learning 23 years ago.  Well just like the vine, I ain’t gon do it.  What I will do is explain some of the benefits obtained through the teachings of Freemasonry.  First, I will briefly have to explore the history of education from the point of the development of Europe.

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What makes me African?
What makes you African?
What makes us Africans?
What have we become?

Many questions yet few answers,
We crave for much yet less is worked for.
We talk more than we act,
We have become enemies of work.

We have become copy cats,
We are about to die
“Curiosity killed the cat.”

We have grown a hopeless desire,
For things from the west,
We claim to be modern,
Yet the ways of modernisation don’t depict ours.

Did our great grand fathers and mothers fight for nothing?
Did our ancestors pray to their gods for nothing,
What of the manners they instilled and so much preached,
They would strike us if they had a chance.

We are a shame to our own kind,
We fight each other instead of creating bonds,
We have become hurtless monsters,
Not different from the lion that hunts other animals.


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